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Good God Has There Ever Been A Better Start To The 6 Nations?

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Deskdiary | 23:59 Sat 03rd Feb 2024 | Sport
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Awesome game in Marseille, the usual whipping boys nearly caused an upset with their high pressing game, and then Wales come back from 27 down to lose by 1 point.


What an awesome weekend of rugby.



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Both games were brilliant! Hope the rest of the tournament follows suit. 

22 Years since Scotland won in Wales - great rugby both days.

Great entertainment and it could have been even more dramatic at Cardiff if Wales hadn't missed that first conversion.  Hope the rest of the competition carries on the same way.

Wales were outmatched in the first half but the Scots allowed their tempers and egos to get the better of them in the 2nd

The better team won - thankfully

Part of me really wanted Italy to win - just to sock it to England and the continual media coverage of how good are our boys!


Yes Wales were outplayed in the first half but the Scots fell apart in the second giving away 14 penalties in a row and letting slip a 27 point lead to win by just 1 point.  Not sure I would say the better team won.  A good game though.

A really great start to the series.  I was cheering Italy on -they've really got their act together!  As for Scotland v. Wales my heart was in my mouth in the 2nd half - I've been supporting Scotland for so many years and it's been a thankless task.  The way Wales came back was impressive.  Great matches all 3 of them.

Well as an Irisman I would say: probably not ..😎

my, first JPR now Barry John has died. Two of the GOATs, if you ask me

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Good God Has There Ever Been A Better Start To The 6 Nations?

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