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Normal Service Resumed.......

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ToraToraTora | 10:35 Sun 03rd Mar 2024 | Sport
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no point in watching F1 again this year. I wonder how many millions are turning off.



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never did watch it - how's Schumacher getting on?

I shan't be bothering either .

I would have thought the other top teams would  have got their act together , especially Mercedes and Ferrari 

They have had 2 years 

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Up until the middle of last year I watched every qualifying and every race. I always avoided finding out the result so I could watch the race without knowing the outcome. Not anymore! Now I look up the result first and if someone other than MV has won I watch the race. Viewing figures must be down so the sponsors will want it cheaper.

We lost interest years ago. 

Three times the word deg is used in that article - anyone know what it means?


(Tyre) degradation?


The last time I watched a whole race was the joke of the final "race" of 2021 ...

OH gave up watching abo9ut 3 or 4 years ago.  He'd been an avid racing fan all his life and even took part in hill racing.

Makes sense drmorgans but never heard it used before yet three times in that article so must be the word of the week.

'Scarlet Ferrari', 'Monegasque' and 'track limits' avery few minutes continue to make for rivetting viewing.

I did note that Mr Coulthard, late of RedBull and now chief advocate for oddly-voice wimmin analysts on TV has cooled somewhat in his ardour for the brand since Hornergate.

It is a complete farce that the pinnacle of motorsport engineering is shackled by a few Americans and Arabs so progress is stymied.

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Normal Service Resumed.......

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