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Anybody Watching The Coventry V Man Utd Game?

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piggynose | 17:45 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Sport
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No Spoilers, cross my heart!



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I'm having kittens 

bit of a roller coaster!

Question Author

what a game!! great for the neutral! 

as i said before no spoilers, as theres bound to be somebody whose recorded it to see later. 

I have no interest whatsoever in football. I am a rugby supporter,however,it was on the box in my local earlier and I must confess it held my attention to the final.

Me too, a complete neutral who found herself shouting at the telly in the end!

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Just goes to show what you can do if you have belief. Utd went from cruising to chaos. However, no mention anywhere that I heard, of the defensive crisis at Utd. Only 3 defenders available for that match, hence Casemiro playing at centre half. But great credit to Coventry. It must be heartbreaking for thier fans, to come back so strong and then fail at the very last. I hope they get promotion to the Prem. They deserve it.


Defensive crisis? Team spirit crisis more like. United are as brittle as a dry twig.


Utd had only 3 defenders. That's a fact. Casemiro is not a defender. They've had defensive problems all season. Not good for team spirit. But that's how it is. They'll have to get on with it. As they did in the semi - just. But that's enough.


Casemiro is a defensive midfielder who has played as a defender on occasion. Centre-half may not be his regular position but it is one he's played in before.


But he's not a defender. I think that was obvious yesterday because he was missing for Coventrys' first goal. But it's just the way it is. Maybe a few first team debuts coming up for some of the youth players. Cest la vie.

Is that the same Man Utd who have spent over £400 million on new players spread over the 22/23 and 23/24 seasons. Tis true

Yes it is. And most of the costly defenders are out with injuries - some long term. Tis true.


What would they have done if, as seemed a possibility, they sold both Maguire and Casemiro to Wet Spam.


I dunno. The manager is there to handle those things. I'm sure if and when that happens it will be done with a plan in mind, whatever that may be. Youth players perhaps? New signings? Players recovering from injury? Who knows?

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Anybody Watching The Coventry V Man Utd Game?

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