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bigfoot3000 | 19:28 Mon 21st Jun 2010 | Sport
25 Answers
Get your predictions in here, im guessing Spain 4 Honduras 2.

Anyone else want a piece of the action?


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Question Author
Predictions before we close the betting shops please.
Spain 3-0
nil nil draw
Question Author
Good one jj.
Question Author
Could be poodi, anything and everything could happen!
Wish I could watch it. I live in Spain and can't get this match!!!!
Yep bigfoot,been some upsets this world cup
No, Bigfoot.

"Anything" can happen.

But "everything" can't happen.

There can only be one result ... they can't ALL happen.


(having a MarkRae moment!)
Question Author
Sorry to hear that, maybe one of the more faster

Spain have scored
I changed my Fantasy team to Villa half an hour before the game -get in there !!!
Question Author
Ok Sorry to hear that netibiza, maybe one of the more faster typists can give you a blow by blow account on what's happening!

Poodi my prediction so far is that this is the most boring one so far in recent years, but then Im not an expert and this this is just my opinion.
jj everything withing reason, some fouls, red cards, yellow cards,things going the opposite of what everyone thought and so on more or less everything I should have stated.
Question Author
4-1 Spain
Still going to be 3-0 !
Question Author
Chaffinch your a little late to be betting but I'll let it slide!

Jj, looks like your right!
Question Author
That honduras player that saved the goal after the goalkeeper got tackled deserves a medal after stopping that spanish goal!
Question Author
Again Honduras defence stops a goal!
I don't normally venture in sport (on account of me being allergic to exercise of any sort) but just thought i'd let you know i made a prat of myself tonight with Mr Boo.

Looking at the score thingy on the top I cleverly deduced that SPN stood for Spain, however I couldn't figure out the HON, so i (stupidly) said to him...."what's the HON for, issit Honolulu?"....the git is still chuckling over it.

Question Author

Lol, honest mistake boo!

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