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Third pary trackers, Data profilers and spies.

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Paul_M | 21:43 Fri 02nd Mar 2012 | Computers
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Given the somewhat controversial revision of Google's privacy policy and the possible breach of European data protection act (to be investigated by CNIL) I was pleasantly surprised to read Mozilla's response.
The Collusion add on for FireFox that allows you to see who's watching you as you surf the web.
The readers comments to the article pointed me to another add on that not only detects but also blocks these unwelcome, secretive, third party parasites.
I have installed this and have been alerted to 5 of these spies on this page as I type, all blocked.
Facebook social plugins
Google Adsense
Google Analytics
Open x
And I thought addblockplus was enough? Blocking obtrusive advertising is one thing but apparently stopping the profilers monitoring your movements is something else.
Is it necessary to block companies of this type (who previously I was blissfully unaware of) or is it a touch of paranoia?


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another recent add-on (for FF and others) that you might like to add is Do Not Track Plus https://addons.mozill...trackplus/?src=search

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Third pary trackers, Data profilers and spies.

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