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irritating chrome 'feature'

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sunny-dave | 15:11 Fri 30th Mar 2012 | Computers
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I use Chrome for my internet banking activities - and prefer to do that in 'incognito' mode.

I have a desktop shortcut which I have amended to start Chrome directly into an incognito window (you add --incognito to the command).

Something (I strongly suspect google updater but can't prove it) keeps amending my shortcut to remove the --incognito edit.

Anyone, hello chuck :-), got any better idea what might be doing this and/or how to stop it happening ??

[ Vista Business, latest Chrome, google toolbar installed for FF and Chrome ]


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You could try making the shortcut read only.
Question Author
ah - nice idea - will try that

ta :)
Also, you say you've amended the desktop shortcut...

Do you mean you amended the standard shortcut that chrome places on the desktop? if so try creating a totally new shortcut, the updater very likely would replace the standard shortcut but it shouldn't touch a new shortcut.
Question Author
Have done that too - but will wait & see if the original one gets 'unedited' again

ta :)

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irritating chrome 'feature'

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