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Hp Pavilion Desktop

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BayBoy1 | 11:07 Mon 04th Feb 2013 | Computers
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Any Ideas desktop screen has gone blank,just a flashing green light below the screen on a round button,tried pressing it .but no luck,also keeps making a peep sound.


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Have you powered the unit off and restarted and is it the same condition then?

If it wont power off try holding the power button in for approx 30 secs.
This green light would be the monitor power switch ?

Not sure about the peep sound but it sounds like that might indicate a physical failure with the PC to me.

Turn off, unplug, leave for a while, then replug and turn on again. Still a problem ? Check the cables from monitor to PC graphics card, wriggle them about, or plull out and check for bent pins. Still a problem ? Probably needs an expert then, to isolate the issue. If you have another PC you can try the monitor on that to check if the issue is the PC or monitor. Or try different cables in case that is the issue.
Depends how old it is. Sounds like it could be NVIDIA (make of the chip) GPU (grpahics processing unit - i.e the display chip) fault.
If you can google it but yu may need your computer model.
How old is it? If it's under 6 months the onus is on the retailer. After 6 months u have to prove it.
I used to have an HP died-just like yours seems to have. I later discovered there was a fault with that particular model.
Check that the air vents are all free of obstruction. It could be an overheating problem.

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Hp Pavilion Desktop

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