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Unsolicited Phone Calls Re Computer Problems

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gardenmad | 12:23 Mon 04th Feb 2013 | Computers
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Please can anyone help me? I have just received a phone call from a company, I could not make out where he said, he had such a thick accent, he said there were many problems on my computer, he then went on to list them, on my desk top, I could see there were lots of trojans and errors, he said they could fix them it would cost £119.00 which I do not want to pay, more worrying is that he obviously could get on to my computer - he even knew the phone number - we are ex directory!! It was a thing called
log-me-in-rescue - and they said they were from pc wizards. Are they bona fide and just want to make a living or am I in real trouble? Please help!


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gardenmad, you have learned a good lesson. DONT BELIEVE PEOPLE WHO PHONE YOU UP OUT THE BLUE. Even if they say they are your bank, British telecom, Microsoft, or anyone else. And certainly DONT type things into your computer that they ask you to type.
16:23 Mon 04th Feb 2013
No they are not bona ride, don't take any notice of them just another scam to get your money, tell them to go and take a hike.
This is a scam

How did he 'get on your computer'?

did you follow any instructions to enter or log on to anything on your computer?
NO! How can they see it. It'll cost you money and/or they'll have access to your files and/or put nasty things on it
Bona-fide even. The ride word was what they were trying to take you for, also they can't see if there is any problem with your computer so don't worry about that, its just a big bluff , this has been going around for a few years, if they ring again just ignore them or let them give you the spill then inform them that you got rid of the computer two weeks ago so do not have any problems, that's what I do.

It was a phone call as per the posting not a computer message.
As everyone else has said HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, it's just a way of relieving you of money. They can't get into your computer and they're just trying to scare you.
This is a scam ignore it and if they phone you again dont even talk to them put the phone down

/It was a phone call as per the posting not a computer message. /

In which case how did the OP become convinced they could 'see many problems'

It is not unknown for scammers to get victims to log on and install s/w that gives them remote access to the pc
Gardenmad - Close all of your applications and run an anti virus scan. If you don't have one, down load the FREE version of this. It is safe.

Run it and reboot. That should get rid of anything this scammer has left on your machine.

Read the posting again and agree with you, apologies.
" he then went on to list them, on my desk top, I could see there were lots of trojans and errors"

That sounds like access to the PC rather than a mere phone call to me.

If you allowed them to control your PC you need to remove any possible nasties they may have left and change and passwords etc, you may have stored on your PC that they may have looked at. If, on the other hand, it was just an unfortunate phrasing of your question and it was just a phone call, feel good that you have learnt to ignore them in future. Do not buy or pay anything or pass over any bank details.
Its a scam, if they have access to your PC it is through your actions, log off and change your password now.

This scam has been running for years.
ITS A SCAM.... just ignore them, any computer probs you are having at the mo are pure coincidence.
I get these quite often, I just say to them...." thats really odd, because I haven't got a computer" should hear them back track then...... Oh so sorry madam... we seem to have the wrong number.........OH YEH!!!!!!!!!!
This is how I dealt with my 'Unsolicited Phone Calls Re Computer Problem'

I posted this a few months ago.

I got a call about my infected laptop last week, I was at a loose end so I thought I would have some fun.

He used the phonetic alphabet to tell me to type something into google, I assume in an attempt to direct me to their website.

I played along and he asked me what I saw......

"There seems to be some sort of acronym" I said

'What is that please'

So I spelt it out using the phonetic alphabet.

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Oscar Foxtrot Foxtrot

'You must have typed in something wrong, lets try again.

We went through the process again I think on the second attempt he had understood my acronym, because he slammed the phone down..

Question Author
I am so sad, I did all of the things that Mick-Talbot said he did - typed in phonetic alphabet and clicked boxes saying accept or ok - he sounded so genuine - I am at my wits end, thank you all for your help and advice - I have downloaded the malware stuff, thankyou Maidup, but even so, how did he get my phone number as we are Xd - unfortunately I was on the blooming thing at the time - I shall change my passwords immediately. Thank you all once again.
Being ex-directory doesn't stop a random number calling machine finding you.
/how did he get my phone number as we are Xd/

Your number will probably be on some list or other

did they have your name at the start or did you tell them? Frankly, you could auto dial numbers at random until you get a tone.

You'd get a good hit rate of people with a PC.
i love these phone calls. I can keep them on for ages before they twig i'm sending them bullsh1t.
I had one of them calls for the first time, last week.
I just said the caller.....
That will be a miracle, i havent got a computer! Sorted.

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Unsolicited Phone Calls Re Computer Problems

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