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Microsoft Accounts - Confused Need Help

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MOLITTLE | 19:44 Thu 19th Mar 2015 | Computers
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When setting up Microsoft a/c on a new Windows 8.1 PC entered the email address & code & it went through o.k but when completed a msg showed an email address without the @ sign and underneath it said disconnect. Unsure I set up a User a/c which said "the info associated with your Microsoft a/c still exists but apps might ask you to sign in before accessing them, any files you had on One Drive will still be there but only files marked for offline use will stay on this PC you will no longer have access to your One Drive files and folder".

New to this and really did not understand what it was talking about.
I signed in to the user a/c and clicked connect to Microsoft a/c. I entered my original email & password but it did not accept the code so I got a new one.It said One Cloud is your cloud storage clicked Next and it said Your existing account will now be changed to a Microsoft account. All your files on this PC will remain in place. The option were SWITCH or CANCEl. When I switched it said We couldn't change your account because there is already an account on this PC with this email address.

If I click to show Accounts it shows my Local User Account and the other one with the original email address but the only option on this is Edit or Remove.

I am totally confused as with only a Local User a/c will that stop me doing things as I thought they was an Adminstrator for more complicated work.

Sorry this has become an essay and hope you can understand me

Help please if you have time.


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Make sure you have the country location and keyboard within Windows set up as UK (and not American for example).

If you don't set UK the @ sign wont work properly.

It may not be your problem but it does not hurt to check.

p.s. It is not your fault but I find your question VERY confusing.

If this is a first time setup of Windows 8.1 why not do a factory reinstall and start again. You will lose any files you have put on your PC but it will allow you to start with a "clean plate".
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Thank you for the info. I have checked that it is set up as English with a UK keyboard.
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If I do a factory reinstall does that wipe out the McAfee. It is only a trial version so would it still be there if so should I uninstall it and buy a full year version as I am quite comfortable with Mcafee.
Is there anything else I should be aware of when trying the factory reinstall.
Thanks for your help

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Microsoft Accounts - Confused Need Help

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