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Obtaining Wi Fi On Laptop Without Ethernet ...

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curlyperm11 | 20:23 Sun 28th Feb 2016 | Computers
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I'm asking this question on behalf of my Dad (82). I have never used a laptop only iPad/ iPhone so can't advise him.
So, he's quite savvy on his laptop but it's connected to the Internet via Ethernet cable. But when he unplugged it to use in another room on his knee, it was saying Not Connected To Internet
Can anyone advise me how I can 'step by step' help him?
(There's no apparent switch/button on lap top to enable WiFi just for information)
Appreciate don't advise. T I A


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If you have a problem curly all we need is the operating system W8, W7, etc. It doesn't matter what colour the lappie is settings works on them all.
I've just been browsing through some Toshiba manuals and some of them don't have wireless capability (although that must make them old surely?)
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Yep get what your saying. I'm going there Tomz to try sort it. Get back to you kind lot if I need more help!! But THANKS SO MUCH. X
You have had some good advice to try at this stage. However, I would make the point that Laptops should never be used on knees if they are to be safeguarded from overheating. Always use on a firm hard surface. Never use on cushions, bedclothes, etc. because air-vents on the underside will be restricted and overheating will seriously damage the equipment.

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It's a Samsung R730. Windows 7
That is wifi enabled curly..
This appears to be the latest wireless driver for that machine - I`m surprised there is nothing newer.
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HURRAH!!!!!! One very happy old man!!!!

Thanks everyone. It wasn't F8 or F2
Just wanted to be manually connected with wi fi password etc! :)))

Curly click on the wireless icon bottom right of screen (vertical bars or or quarter circle wave)

It will say not connected. Where it says wireless network connection click
tick connect automatically box and connect 'button'.
Enter network security key when asked ( the same one you put on your phone)
Nice one. Remember if your dad plugs in the Ethernet cable it may disconnect wifi.

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Obtaining Wi Fi On Laptop Without Ethernet ...

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