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Emails Not Displaying On Android

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tearinghair | 20:05 Sat 18th Nov 2023 | Computers
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I can see the list of emaila but they won't open - screen is blank. OK on laptop. How can I fix this, please? This started a couple of hours ago, it's been fine all day.



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Before we get into anything complicated, try the old trick of turning it off and then turning it on again.  It often works.  

[NB: Don't just go with the 'Restart' option.  Turn your phone off completely, wait 30 seconds or so and turn it back on again].

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Gosh, I haven't done that for a long time! Thank you, it worked. Is there a simple explanation that I might understand, or is it a mystery?

A total mystery, Tearinghair!


Question Author

I thought it might be! But many thanks anyway. I have to admit that I always go down the 'restart' route.

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Emails Not Displaying On Android

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