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Youtube Android App Issue

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Old_Geezer | 12:59 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Computers
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Does anyone know how to stop the YouTube app from auto-updating ?


(In fairness, unrequired auto-update of many of the apps is an issue, but the YouTube one causes a specific problem I shall describe below. I've checked, or unchecked as appropriate, all seemingly connected settings but they still get ignored.)


The thing is, on the tablet, if, while watching a video, I wish to comment then I attempt to do so and the screen keyboard comes up. But it is utterly unresponsive. It'll spend ages doing nothing, or at best highlighting a key, then doing nothing. Sometimes the typing box dissappears leaving the unresponsive keyboard. Sometimes the keyboard dissappears leaving the box. Sometimes, wait long enough, it may start working.


This only with the YouTube app and only on the tablet, other apps, and on the mobile, don't exhibit this unresponsive issue. (The mobile also has the auto-update issue though.)


Recently I performed another websearch on it, this time found others also have been experiencing the same, and someone had suggested that loading a version from a couple of years ago worked. I tried it; it's a right faf as it refuses to overwrite a later version, plus you can't delete the app. One has to return it to factory settings then load the old version.


It seems much better on the old version but still has the occasional smaller delay. But the pain in the neck is that overnight it can be guaranteed to have loaded the latest flawed version back, totally without permission.


Anyone know how that can be stopped ?





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The following will stop all apps auto updating (I'm assuming you're using an Android phone):

Open up the Play Store app.

In the top right hand corner, you'll see your profile picture - click on it.

Click on "settings".

Click on "network preferences" (this will open up more options below).

Click on "auto-update apps".

You've 3 options to choose from, click on "don't auto-update apps".

Click "OK"


Question Author

Thanks for the advice, but it's been set that way since I first had the Play Store app. It doesn't work, at least for many apps. It also doesn't work if you go to each app individually, click top right and ensure the auto-update box is unticked. I'm pretty sure there's somewhere else which was set also, in the distant past, to no avail. Either there is somewhere else that I've missed, or I have to conclude the suggestion one can do anything is all lies.

Perhaps try downloading and using the Google keyboard. It is probably more likely to work as YouTube is Google too.

Question Author

May be worth a try, thanks. Using default Samsung keyboard. Tried an old one I had (hackers keyboard) but it wasn't any different. I'll check it out later today.

Question Author

Tried Gboard. Unfortunately no difference.

Sorry to hear that.

Question Author

Unsure if it clarifies anything but on occassion the tablet gets fed up of waiting and complains that the (YouTube) app isn't responding  and offers options 'wait' & 'close'. I have also noted delays on the mobile one too, but less often and shorter. (I haven't checked the tablet YouTube version yet today, but I'm expecting it to have updated itself again.)

Try using the YouTube website instead of the app.

Question Author

Does seem to sidestep the app issue, but the interface on the browser/website is not as user friendly (the app typing issue aside).



Oh and yes, unsurprisingly, it's still updating the app overnight despite having been given no permission to do so. Can't even keep a past version on my device.

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Youtube Android App Issue

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