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Windows7 and Adobe Flash!!

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lindylou16 | 11:02 Mon 24th Jan 2011 | Computers
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For an instance,I can watch You Tube videos on Firefox but when i try to watch You Tube on Internet Explorer i am told i must instal Adobe Flash!! I thought if it is on my PC then it covers all. Thx


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Nope. You have installed the flash player for Firefox. If you then choose to use a different browser, you must download the player for that browser.

there is a separate version of flash for firefox and IE, you need both installed if you want flash to work on both browsers.

Also worth noting that if you have a 64bit version of windows there is not currently a final release version of flash that works on the 64bit version of IE.
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Thank you for that. exactly what i wanted to know Sq

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Windows7 and Adobe Flash!!

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