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jenniepaul | 00:54 Mon 28th Feb 2011 | Computers
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just aquired a second hand PC. Windows XP. everything is fine regarding email and web browsing. but I cannot get any sound from the PC. When I try to play a CD I get media player cannot play this file. Problem with your sound Device. There may be a sound device installed on your PC. It may be in use by another program or it may not be functioning properly.
Error ID = 0xC00D11BA
Condition ID = 0x00000000.
What is a sound card?
How do you install a sound device.

I would be eternally Grateful for any Advice on these subjects.

Thanx in advance for any usefull information.



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A few ideas here for you to try ...
This answer is very long, so you might want to copy and paste it into a Word or Works document and print it!
Do you have small green and pink, round sockets at the back of the PC? If so, there is a sound card installed, so now we have to fix the problem!
You need speakers plugged into the green socket.
To find out which sound card is installed click on 'Start' then 'All Programs' and click on the 'Accessories' folder.
Now click on 'System Tools'.
Now select 'System Information'.
Look at the list on the left and double click 'Components', now click on 'Sound Device'
All the sound card information is there. Write down the name of the sound card and make.
Close the information window.
Now you need to visit the sound card makers website and download the drivers for your specific sound card.
You'll then have to install the drivers to get your sound card working.
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I have done what you said and cliked on sound device, but there is nothing there, the tick box is not ticked and nothing will open. What is the next step from here ??
Hope u can help..........Cheeres. jenniepaul.
Question Author
Did what you said and got as far as...Now klik on sound device. There is no box checked and when I kliked on the link, there are no sound devices there. Do you know what I should do next. Cheeres. jenniepaul
You could just buy one of the USB plug in sound card fings! Basicly its a small dongle one end has a usb plug the other end has a speaker/earphone socket. just plug it in and it works, no installing no messing in settings. It just works as soon as you plug it in. There cheap to buy from ebay for no more than 5quid I got mine for 2quid at a computer fair!

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