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fbg40 | 19:23 Wed 26th Aug 2015 | Internet
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Hi all
This query relates to a previous problem I had back on July 17th. I then asked about Firefox and Google Maps. Firefox wouldn't operate properly - every time I tried to open Firefox, it opened with Google maps that had frozen. Eventually I uninstalled FF, switched to Chrome and all was fine, including Google maps. A few days ago I re-installed FF (40.02) and it's back working, apart from Google maps ! I reopened with add ons disabled and Google mpas works fine. My question is : Is there a known add on in FF that will cause this sort of problem ? Any advice would be appreciated.


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There are picture galleries on a local newspaper's website that I can't view in Firefox with Adblock Plus enabled. (Disabling it, and refreshing the page, always fixes the problem).

So, guessing that it could be the same add-on that's causing your problem, I googled this line:
"adblock plus" "google maps"
Surprise, surprise, I found pages like this one (which appear to confirm my suspicion):

So, if you've got Adblock Plus installed, try disabling it. You don't need to restart Firefox with extensions disabled. Simply go to 'Tools' (or click on the three line 'hamburger' icon at the top right) and then 'Add-ons'. If required, click on 'Extensions' and then on 'Disable' next to Adblock Plus. (It can be enabled again via the same route).
PS: If it does turn out to be Adblock Plus that's causing the problem, you don't need to keep disabling and re-enabling it.

With ABP enabled, go to Google Maps and then click on the red 'ABP' button at the top right of your screen. Select 'Disable on only' and refresh the page (by pressing F5). In future you'll automatically have ABP disabled on Google maps (and other Google pages) but still enabled for all other sites.
I use Adblock Plus on FF, and have no problems with Google maps
Question Author
Many thanks for the replies, will check it out.
Question Author
Tried your suggestion - it works !! - but applying your second suggestion doesn't seem to work. Will keep trying and check to see if I'm doing everything right ! Will post again if anything occurs.
Many thanks
Question Author
Me again Chris
All seems to be ok now. Will keep you posted if anything "happens"
Thanks once again for your help.

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