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Outlook 'Block' Function

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douglas9401 | 10:47 Thu 25th Aug 2022 | Internet
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The 'block' function has gone from the drop-down menu on Outlook email leaving only 'report phishing' and 'not junk'.

Anybody heard of why it's gone or if it can be reinstated? I can't see anything in settings and don't fancy duelling with American bots in chat.



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I think that you will find that the block option(the 3 dots top right in the grey email options bar) disappears with some emails only. These are usually the git spammers that have multi email addresses that you have possibly blocked dozens of. There is no single answer because it also depends on the senders set up. You can though get rid of them in settings in your email account. It is easier to read through the link than for me to re-type it.
I take it that these are emails that are appearing in the junk folder Douglas?
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Thanks Togo, found what I missed the first time round.
Thanks Togo, I've just blocked 14.

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Outlook 'Block' Function

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