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"Connected Without Internet"

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Old_Geezer | 10:17 Fri 20th Jan 2023 | Internet
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Getting this very often despite changing modem/routers, just get the same message on the mobile WiFi devices.

I'm assuming it's a poorly worded warning meaning they aren't connected to the Internet (the important bit) at all, but managed to find whatever router was connected at the time.

But the weird thing is that sometimes the cable connected desktop is on the Internet (not always though as the supplier does seem very useless, especially during evenings).

Anyone have any idea why the WiFi connection is not being connected to the Net while the desktop cable is sometimes allowed through ? And any suggestions for fixing it ?



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Hey OG, sorry for taking so long to respond, I fell asleep!

As Etch has mentioned, you can get to your router page by putting the IP into a internet browser window (top search bar). The IP should be one of the following: or or or
[Those are the most likely - if neither of those work, just follow my instructions below on how to be 100% sure]

Alternatively, you can read up on this website (it also has a link to login to your router*) -
From there it will tell you how to login and you should be able to get to the status page (this should provide you with the answer to my question marked '4.').
*Please remember to do this whilst connected to your network.

If the IP (one of the 3 listed above) isn't correct; hold the Windows Key + R, type in 'cmd' (without the ' 's) and hit enter. Then type in 'ipconfig' (again, without the ' 's) and hit enter. The numbers next to 'Default Gateway' is the IP address for your router. Please use http:// before the IP in the browser (just in case the browser tries to do a dumb fixup).

Hopefully this additional information will help others to assist you further.
//If the IP (one of the 3 listed above) isn't correct;//

I mean, one of 4 listed above, not 3.
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Ok. Seems sorted thanks, but it was not straightforward. Folk deserve the opportunity to be uninterested & bored senseless, but I'm taking a break now so shall fill in some details later. Thanks all.
Question Author
Spoke too soon.

Was fine in the middle of the day before my woman spoke to them about needing to renew/change the contract.

Now it's evening and it's 95% down 5% up (if lucky) again !!!!!

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"Connected Without Internet"

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