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Can't Access A Website Which I Have Used Often For A Few Years.

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Atheist | 16:48 Fri 10th Feb 2023 | Internet
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It's the site of the mairie in my French village (I'm currently in UK, but that has never mattered in the past). I have Windows 10 and Firefox, and a Plusnet router connected to the PC via wifi. When I try to access the site I get a message saying site unavailable and might be a problem at their end. I e-mailed them this morning and they say they're unaware of any problem. I tried using Edge, but that didn't work, nor did trying from this computer but on my wife's login. I don't have this problem on any other of the regular sites I use.
Could there have been an accidental change resulting in a firewall issue? Or antivirus (I rely on W10's Defender)?
I'll try to get my daughter to try it from her computer this evening, or maybe someone over in France. Meanwhile I wonder if anyone here has any suggestions.
Thank you.


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Try using a VPN ?
Yeah, some protection software will block you from what it considers to be a risky site. Have a look at your AV logs.
Or you could ask folk here to try the website.
Could be a server down
Question Author
OG. I didn't want to ask people here to try a link to a website which they didn't know. Would it be in order to post a link?
Post away, Atheist!
I can't get a response from the L-S-R mairie website either Atheist. The same link, given by searching here:
also fails.
That link works for me
Pas de problème chez moi.
Question Author
Thank you, Etch. It looks as though there is a real prob at their end, and not just my security settings. I'll try contacting someone local to see if they can access the site.
who's that knocking at the door?

site works ok for
( site ifficiel de l'administration francaise)
Jesus I thought I went for boring and tedious sites
Question Author
Barry and JimF; the link that Etch provided takes you to a search site which enabled Etch to search for my village (using his superpowers). I presume that neither of you two actually accessed my village's mairie's website. If you did, I'd be grateful to know, otherwise I'll let the locals know so that they can look into the affaire. Thanks to all those who have responded. :-)
Question Author
PP; Did you go au dela le site that lets you search for my bolthole francais? If not, no wonder you never made Hut 29 at Bletchley Park.
your leedol bolt-hole ?
an eez eet nice - Nicer than Nice that is ?

codes? no I did poison gas ( Porton)
Question Author
PP; My leedol bolt-hole is fragrant and delicious and no doubt missing my bolt and other more sophisticated attentions (sorry for missing the final 'e' off the word francaise). So, you're an expert at noxious gas emission?
no CDE - I was at MRE as then was ( micro-biological research establishment) at a time they accepted that germ warfare was a non starter. So we did dangerous viruses - Marburg Disease, Chinkungunya, - google "simian vizoso lancet"

My brudda 2020 said "I suppose you understand all this covid RNA stuff?" and I said to him ( heem ) as one does to brothers: "yes of course I thought everyone did".

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Can't Access A Website Which I Have Used Often For A Few Years.

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