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Printing Web Page Screenshot

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pussyfoot | 17:35 Tue 14th Feb 2023 | Internet
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I've been trying to print a web page I took a screenshot of but in portrait or landscape it cuts off a lot of the relevant information I need. Is there a way of printing a web page without this happening?


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have you got any sort of clipping tool on your computer (or whatever you're using)? You can clip the bit you want.

Or can you make the page smaller, eg by Ctrl-minus?
many ways but one that should work take the screen shot then open paint and right click and paste, then cut the part of the screen you want. Then open word, set the page, margins and orientation as best suits what you have cut then right click and paste. Drag the corners to size as needed then print.
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I'm pretty useless on the computer, but I'll see if I can do what you suggest thank you.

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Printing Web Page Screenshot

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