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Are Many Here Aware Of What Goes On When You Are Visting Websites?

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Atheist | 12:54 Thu 16th Feb 2023 | Internet
7 Answers
The following message popped up when I went to Private Eye's website:-

"DuckDuckGo blocked this content to prevent Facebook from tracking you
We blocked Facebook from tracking you when the page loaded. If you unblock this content, Facebook will know your activity. Learn More"

I like DuckDuckGo!


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yup. I always use a tracking blocker
That's good! I wonder where you get a tracking blocker - or is that something else to add to the list for my granddaughter when she next visits?
I use the Brave browser, that has inbuilt tracking blockers
If you use Google Chrome:

1) In the top right, click More (the three vertical dots), Settings
2) Search for "track" and then click Cookies and other site data
3) Enable Block third-party cookies
4) Enable Send a "Do Not Track" request
Question Author
I think that DuckDuckGo did it for me.
I do have Adblock and Privacy Badger.
Have any AB techers got any negative feedback about DuckDuckGo?
Also, Firefox seems aimed at protecting punters like me.
Give Brave a go, you might like it
i´m on Brave now! what have i got to loose?

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Are Many Here Aware Of What Goes On When You Are Visting Websites?

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