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Annoying Spam

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Khandro | 14:33 Tue 18th Jul 2023 | Internet
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I keep getting emails purportedly from banks & other businesses asking me to click on something, which of course I don't do. But with my email server (t-online) if I click on the bogus name of the sender I can see the real address of whom has sent it.

I am sometimes tempted to send a rude email to that person to tell them what I think of them.
If I did this is there anyway they could retaliate ? They have after all got my email address somehow, anyway.


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Khandro , I’m plagued my ads on here each time I sign in
These scammers send out hundreds of thousands of these messages.
If you reply in any way it will just alert them that they have hit an active email address and you risk getting more.
Even if they did read your reply, it really won't bother them at all. It would probably give them a laugh.
They are trying your e-mail address. Responding confirms to them that it's active and should be targeted more often.
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Thanks, I'll leave it alone then.
You can filter emails so they go straight to bin or spam and the best way to do that is to use the part of the email from @ ( for example).
Obviously don't do this if it is a general email address such as Yahoo, Gmail as that would block legitimate emails too
I have loads of parcels from DHL waiting and loads of prizes from Boots, Currys and Screwfix to claim!
> Khandro , I’m plagued my ads on here each time I sign in

Stay signed in, there are no ads then.

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Annoying Spam

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