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Another Data Breach

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Canary42 | 16:36 Mon 11th Dec 2023 | Internet
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I have just had an e-mail from local council confessing to a data breach involving personal info including bank details. The breach was in a third party organisation (London and Zurich) used by the Council.

This is the second data breach warning which I've received in the last 6 months.

Yet these organisations asssure us our data is perfectly safe under the latest encryption yada yada yada yada.

Having already suffered identity theft once in my lifetime, and two occasions of fraudulent payments from my account, I find this cavalier approach to data security reprehensible. We desperately need an effective Finance Watchdog/Regulator, not the pathetic excuses for the same which currently exist. 



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Problem is that they can only fine. It's the tech departments that need to be fully genned up and at the front line of their subject. And have the ability to get the board to fund the necessary.

I’ve let it be known that I’m willing to offer my services as a regulator, operating out of the Bahamas; swingeing fines on transgressors will fund my lifestyle.

what go round and shoot them ?

you can sue if you can show ( as usual) detriment

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Another Data Breach

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