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Norton due to expire.

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trastevere | 01:23 Mon 08th Jan 2007 | Internet
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I have had Norton for four or five years and have paid the subscriptions on-line or bought the brand new versions from PC World before the existing one expired. Early in 2006 a lot of nasty stuff was NOTdetected by Norton and pc was badly infected. As part of the remedy I installed the free version of AVG. This found lots of viruses/spyware and got rid of them for me. Also, it updates every day without prompting. I've been running it in addition to Norton and am happy with it. NORTON expires in two days. What do abers recommend? Do I drop Norton altogether ( and save a reasonable sum of money) and just rely on the free AVG or do I renew/buy latest version of Norton as well? Also, I have heard that running more than one antivirus can cause conflict. I'm certainly of the impression that AVG is the better of the two. Again, what do abers think? Looking forward to receiving some replies. Thanks in advance


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I got rid of Norton about 2 years ago and have used AVG ever since with no problems. Why pay for something that you can get for free!
AGV 7.5 free with ZoneAlarm free firewall works well for me.

I've used this combination for at least four years on all my pcs - and not had any problems.

I also run Spybot and A2, also free.

This site is intended for fellow eBay users but has excellent security advice, including links, for all pc users.
Note also that you should never run two anti-virus products together anyway, it can cause all manner of problems, and I'm surprised the slowdown hasn't annoyed you.

Remove Norton with this progam, and not the add/remove way: .nsf/docid/2005033108162039
Ethel's right....Norton is a very hungry programme and has slowed down many of the PC'S I have had to troubleshoot for various people.Used to be a great programme but has become a pain since Symantec took over the reins..ZoneAlarm is a good firewall and AVG does the Virus protection admirably..Avast Antivirus is a great programme also.One Antivirus only is a must.! .Conflicts will occur otherwise as the "scanning engines" of different scanners would cause problems for certain. Adaware...Spybot S&D also well worth running..These programmes are fine examples of excellent software.For a few pounds you can upgrade these programmes for the extra "bells and whistles" but the free versions have proven themselves for years..It's up to you...Use your Norton cash to upgrade these little beauties and you won't regret it...Regards Ed
Tottaly agree with every body here I also use avg free and spybot for many years now and they have both served me well. Must admit though when a while ago I was notified that avg would no longer be active thought that you might have to buy it so I bought norton of e bay for �10 (and no it was not a copy) then I realised that you just had to download avg 7.5 DOH.
And it is so very correct that you should not run 2 anti viruses side by side. (And ps if you still want to run norton I can sell you one for �10 lollllll,)

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Norton due to expire.

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