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How do you copy and paste a link?

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k9 fott | 18:01 Fri 08th Jun 2007 | Internet
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To post a link on here (I take it that is a hyper link) or anywhere else for that matter that you just click on to get to that web page is it just a matter of copying and pasting as I have really never bothered doing this before for some reason.
I have tried doing this without submiting the question but the link did not seem right, does it come up proper when you actualy post the question and I have tried reading the tutorial.




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I have to say I m perplexed!
Question Author
Yes, just copy and paste the link.

It will become a clickable link after you have posted it.

Give it a whirl.
Question Author
Thank you ethel thats all I wanted to know but suppose that I could have phrased the question a bit better.
Will give it a whirl in a mo.
I just highlight the link. Press CTRL and the letter C.
Then in the answer box, I press CTRL and the letter V.
It will highlight the link when you post it :-)
In the address bar just right click, this will highlight the address and open the cut, copy, paste box etc.
Click copy then locate the I beam on the page and click paste.
This is a link to this question. rnet/Question417379.html
Unless you mean Like This
Question Author
Thanks you all I can do it properly now look rnet/Question 417379.html
Cheers again..
Question Author
Well maybe need a bit of fine tuning.
Yo might just reconise that tune (if my link works of course)
But I bet notalot of you will remember where from.........

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How do you copy and paste a link?

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