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internet connection on a laptop

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cyrilbiker2 | 00:31 Sat 15th Sep 2007 | Internet
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I use Virginmedia Broadband and previoulsy I have been able to take the ethernet connection from my desktop P C insert it into my laptop and access the internet. Now when I try it the Local Area Connection on the taskbar has a yellow triangle on it and a message "acquiring network address" If I click the repair box I get a further message "renewing your I P ADDRESS" and there it ends with limited or no connectivity" Where do I go from from here. Thnaks for any advice offered.


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I think this could be your firewall on the laptop.

Have you changed or updated it lately?
Have you tried switching the modem off and back on again?
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Thanks for the the advice. Ethel and EMS86. I am up and running now. The trick of switching the modem off /on seemed to work. I booted the laptop with the modem plugged in after switching off and on and it fired up no problems. Thanks for your help. Cyrilbiker

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internet connection on a laptop

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