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frostyspecs | 21:55 Fri 02nd May 2008 | Internet
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I spent a couple hours last night on the question of folders in OE I now know how to set them up thanks to `Bravejordy`...BUT..I cannot find how to get a mail into one of the folders. Furthermore I have set up 3 folders Amazon, Rabbits and Answerbank. I now have a annswerbank mail in Amazonfolder. I highlighted this mail and deleated buut nothing happened. HELP.
Also I printed out Bravejordy`s instructions but my printer refuses to print the last 6 lines as the page is full and would not go to another sheet. If Bravejordy is reading this please continue with tutorial Many thanks Mike


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To move individual existing mail items (in your Inbox or elsewhere) to a different folder, right-click on the relevant item and select 'Move to folder'. Navigate to the relevant folder. Either click on it (to highlight it) and then click 'OK' or (simpler) just double-click on the relevant folder.

To route new mail directly to the required folders, go to Tools > Message Rules > Mail.

Now things get a little tricky because what you enter will depend upon your precise requirements. However, as an example, I'll assume that you want emails with the subject line "You have an answer" to go to your Answerbank folder:

In the top panel, place a tick alongside 'Where the subject line contains specific words'.

In the second panel, put a tick alongside 'Move it to the specified folder'.

In the third panel, click on 'contains specific words'. In the upper panel of the new box, type 'answer'. Click 'Add'. Click 'OK'

This returns you to the original box. In the third panel, click 'specified'. Double-click the relevant folder (or single-click and click 'OK').

In the final panel, of the original box, change 'New mail rule #1' to something appropriate, such as 'Answer rule'. Click 'OK'

Click 'Apply now' (which will move mail complying with this rule) and then 'OK'.

Create further rules, by the same method, as required.

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