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loss of internet connection

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Coldicote | 22:51 Fri 23rd Jul 2010 | Internet
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For several days my internet connection keeps 'dropping' for no apparent reason. This can be particularly awkward when making an online purchase. I often get indication that there was no dial tone. By going to Start > Connect to, it will usually reconnect after several attempts. My connection is with Wanadoo broadband (Orange).

This is my third attempt to post this message. The system now indicates "The connection was refused when attempting to contact Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection." Does anyone else have this problem, or can suggest why it is happening?


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im on same orange broadband coldicote and its fine. check leads and wires
maybe try system restore
I've not heard of 'no dial tone' being a problem with broadband before but the usual cause with dial-up installations was the the user had a message waiting on the '1571' service (which changes the dial-tone to something akin to the old two-tone horns which emergency service vehicles used to use).

Those who know more about this than I do will probably need to know how you connect to the internet. Is it through a USB broadband modem, or via a router? (If so, is the connection between the router a wired one or wireless?).


PS: It might also be worth mentioning that connections to theAnswerbank have been 'timing out' quite a bit lately. That's got nothing to do with anyone's PC; it's a problem with AB's server.
I've got a BT home hub and it's dropped out several times recently - bit of a nuisance as you have to reset it to get back on line. No idea why, I get the "no connection" message but it's not when we switch on, it happens during a session e.g. when I refresh
I think as previously stated AB has been timing out lately but with broadband you should not get a no dialtone message. Check your internet settings and make sure you have ticked never dial a number. I am with orange and it seems ok
I lose my connection all the time - it's called AOL.
That's a good point from AlexanderD.

Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections. Click next to 'Never dial a connection'. Click 'Apply' and 'OK'.
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Thank you. I've followed the advice but sorry to say it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I have a SpeedTouch ADSL modem on my desk and once a connection has dropped one of the two green lights on it flashed for ages until eventually it re-connects (the square icon changes colour). I wonder if that's something to do with it. I'm preparing this in advance ready to copy and paste when I get back to AB.
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This time I had to sign on with name and password to post my answer, but don't usually 'Log Out' anyway.
When I switched over to broadband, I went out and bought a USB ADSL modem but (despite following the instructions on my ISP's website) I couldn't get it to connect. When I phoned the helpline, the technician was amazed that anyone was still trying to connect via a modem. He tried loads of things to help me but we still didn't get anywhere. He then said "Look, this is going to be a hell of a lot easier if you were to buy a router". Somewhat reluctantly I did so but the investment turned out to be well worth the money because I've now got a really reliable connection, with a typical speed of around 6.3Mbps. (Because I've only got one computer, in a fixed location, I've disabled the wireless facility of the router and connected it to my PC via an ethernet cable).

The great thing about a router is that it remains connected to the internet at all times. Since the PC itself doesn't connect directly to the internet there's no 'logging on' and the chances of a dropped connection seem to be considerably reduced.

OK, I recognise that it involves some expense, but perhaps using a router might be a better option for you as well?

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Thanks Chris, you are being very helpful. I'm sure your angry Avatar doesn't do you justice! All for now - must get some sleep.
ive been getting this drop out with orange for two weeks now at least 5 times a days .i did a complete reinstall of the router and orange software , it seemed ok for two days but now it started again i contacted orange they are sending me a new router to me
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Deggers, we are having very similar experience. I have written to Orange Customer Support at Rotherham and can only hope the problem is dealt with. It's almost impossible to find an email address to contact with this kind of problem. Phone advisers often 'jabber' too fast and it can be difficult to hear what they are saying so writing seemed the best option.
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Perhaps a bit late for further reply, but I had professional advice about loss of broadband connection. The first thing was that my household telephone system was checked. All very complicated to my mind but, in a nutshell, I had too many phone related gadgets drawing from my BT telehone line intake After some re-arrangement and one telephone less, it was decided that I didn't need a router. At the moment all seems well. Fingers crossed.
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