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no sound when trying to play dvd on laptop

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looobylooo | 23:31 Fri 24th Jun 2011 | Technology
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i have an acer 5735 laptop (vista)

i put a dvd in and try to play it through windows media player, it starts playing on the screen but there is no sound.

an error message comes up saying that 'Audio format is not supported by the current application. Please launch %'s in MCE'

does anyone know what this means please, and how do i get sound to play through the windows media player?

(it plays with sound ok, using vlc)

thanks for any help offered :o)


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Download and use VLC Media Player which is free and it will play any dvd you have
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hi galeck
thanks for replying, much appreciated.
yeah, it does work ok on VLC (i mentioned it up there ^^ in my OP)
but i would still like to know how i can sort the windows media player prolem out, if possible.
Most people would probably say that using WMP to play videos is madness. VLC (as recommended by BBC technology programs and many sources in the technical press) is far better, as is GOM.

However, if you want to get Microsoft's pathetic program to work properly, you'll need to install the relevant codecs. Go here to download the installation file:
Save the file to your hard drive, and then double-click on it to complete the installation. Reboot your computer before checking whether WMP will work properly.

NB: Those instructions mean downloading and running an executable file. Whenever you do that there's always the risk of introducing a virus onto your computer. I've taken care to provide a link to what should be a reputable site but I still recommend running a virus scan before double-clicking on the file to run it. (That's usually achieved by right-clicking on the file and selecting 'Scan with ...', depending upon which antivirus program you've got).

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hey, thanks for that chris! thats really good of you, thank you :o)
i will try it tomorrow, as its a bit late now, and fingers crossed itll work ok.

thanks ever so for helping! x

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no sound when trying to play dvd on laptop

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