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External Hard Drive?

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2sp_ | 15:36 Thu 16th May 2013 | Technology
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My PC is on it's last legs (I think).

It's about 6 years old and is beginning to creak and groan. I have thousands of photos stored on here so I was wondering what would be the best way of storing them externally so I can either clean up my PC (I say that like I know what I'm talking about) or get a new one.

Would I be best getting an external hard drive and transferring all my pics on to it? Or should I put them on CD or memory stick?

Any advice would be gratefully received!


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1tb bigger is better User Recommendation
17:09 Thu 16th May 2013
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Thank you fender.

Brace yourself for a stupid question (or another one...) - Are they pretty simple to use? Just a case of plug it in and off you go?
I have everything on my external hd including backups fro other family members stuff ( and they have mine) in case of dropping horrors:)
Yeah they are all just plug in, your computer picks them up then you can choose them as a storage place when you save or copy over files.
External. I have a WD, same as fender.
Very easy to use.
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Perfect, thanks Sharinghan.

Off to see what I can find on tinterweb. Really should do it before the PC goes up in a puff of smoke!
I tend to back up my photo's,video and documents using an external HDD weekly and also 'burn' them to a DVD monthly. Best to have double strategy, just in case.
Everything important should be backed up AT LEAST once, probably twice (or more).

A CD wont hold many pictures but DVDs probably will.

So I would copy your pictures to a set of DVDs, AND buy an external hard drive and copy the pictures there as well.

External hard drives are "plug and go". You plug it in and Windows allocates a drive letter to it (G or H or whatever).

You then just copy the pictures from your computer to the external hard drive.
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I'm ashamed to say that I have nothing backed up at all right now!

I've got photos going back years, lots of people who have passed away and I know I would be devastated if I lost all the pictures.
Try to store what is important to you in more than one place. Were they just on a memory stick I'd not hold out a lot of hope for their long term survival.

External drives are easy. The hard drives from all my past PCs are now in enclosures and I can plug them in. (Although, to be honest, most probably hold stuff no longer relevant.)

And as VHG says, I back up important stuff doubly. I'll leave one hard drive here when I go on hols and take the other as I'll need it to transfer video footage etc whilst away.
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Thank you for the link, Chill.

Will get ordering today!
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No harm in burning them to DVDs as well as the external HDD.
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Thank you fender, I've ordered the 1TB version (in red!).

I think I'll make up some albums and burn them onto DVD too.

Thanks again for all of your answers. Where would I be without you?

Buffalo external HD and DVDs (twice).
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My lovely shiney hard drive has arrived!

All 10,000 plus photos are now copied along with all my documents.

Thanks everyone for your input. My PC is now free to die...
Now get another hard drive, copy everything onto that as well and take it "off site" to a relative or friend's house and hide it in a nice dust free drawer ...

I have copies of all my photos etc in (at least) two other people's houses as well as on two computers and three hard drives here.

[ belt and braces AND spare pair of underpants ]

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External Hard Drive?

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