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KARL | 18:20 Sun 09th Jun 2013 | Technology
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I have just learned that in the last two to three weeks, we and our neighbours have experienced the same sort of derangement with our landline associated peripherals. Our internet connection became erratic with dropouts and when booting up it took a longer and longer time to get us an internet connection. The ISP told me the line checked out OK and sent a replacement router. Since then the internet has been OK. However, just about at the same time our (fixed, not GAP) telephone instrument went U/S in that it seems to go spontaneously live with crackling and distant dial tone audible from the handset. This phone has a phonebook, speakerphone facility, etc. so there is more than one internal path (not just the cradle switch).

Today I learned that our neighbours' router has died after being somewhat erratic for some days and their GAP telephone has become intermittently dysfunctional in that a dial tone is not always obtainable but - and this is a bit odd - for a couple of weeks it has spontaneously made a short burst of the ring tone at times and in particular around midnight (fairly reliably).

Apart from being two of nine households connected off the same junction box on the pole in the street, our neighbours and we both have a landline contract with TalkTalk. Our ISPs are different.

I would be grateful if some experienced telephone technician would comment on the situation. To us this seems to be stretching the concept of coincidence a bit past being believable. Is there any experience of something like this occurring within the same time span at two adjacent dwellings ? What might be a joint cause worth taking up with someone, other than pure coincidence ?

Only relevant, knowledgeable and considered replies please.


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Hi Karl,

If you are a TalkTalk Customer and experiencing issues with your telephone line we can investigate into this in more depth for you. If you Tweet us @TalkTalkCare or visit the TalkTalk Members Forum a member of Staff will be able to invesitgate into this in more depth, conduct testing and look to resolve the issue for you.


TalkTalk Online Community Department

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