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Microsoft Office

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allanmcgee | 17:48 Thu 13th Jun 2013 | Technology
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I have had my PC laptop stolen and I still have the 2010 software pack for Office.
I am now getting a Mac air pro (with a cd drive integral).
Can I somehow get this software onto the Mac? I oviouisly have the product and activation key but presumably would need to download from Microsoft.
Seems a shame to buy the same thing again at nearly £100!


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>>>Can I somehow get this software onto the Mac?

No (because the Windows version Microsoft Office needs the Windows registry to be present when installing), but there's no need anyway. OpenOffice is available for Mac computers. It's free and compatible with Microsoft Office. (Many public bodies, such as police forces and local councils, now use OpenOffice rather than paying for Microsoft Office):
OO becomes less compatible with MS the more formatting the document has.

I have used it and only basic documents will work between both as they should.

If the work is that important I'd shell out the £100
I've never had any compatibility problems with OpenOffice files (except, of course, when someone has forgotten to save them in Microsoft Office format!).

At one time, Microsoft's biggest rival for office software was Lotus. When the manufacturer ceased supporting Lotus, they placed their software within the public domain as 'open source'. It's now known as LibreOffice and is also well worth considering if you don't want OpenOffice. The Mac version is here:
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Thanks both of you. I have to have total compatibility with existing docs so it looks like a £100 job but I am going to start creating with Open Office for future ones. Thanks again
Slightly off topic and a question for Chris.
I am down in Oz at the moment and I was in at the local computer man's repair shop the other day and he was saying that they have ditched Open Office and are now using Kingsoft Office Suite. I am not that technically guru enough to tell the difference between them all but have you come across it and, if so, what did you think of it?
[With apologies to Allanmcgee]

I've never heard of Kingsoft Office Suite (and it won't help Allanmcgee, since it's not available for Mac users) but it seems to be well-reviewed:

I use an older version of Microsoft Office on my XP computers (because I've got in on disk, so I might as well use it) but my netbook has Windows 7 (which my version of Microsoft Office isn't compatible with), so I use OpenOffice (which I like very much). I've not tried LibreOffice but many computer magazines recommend it.
Thank you Chris.
I have MS Office 2010 on mine and I don't use much of it anyway.
there are many answers you can refer to in the website , you can find what you need here.

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