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sandokan | 13:45 Tue 01st Oct 2013 | Technology
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this may sound like a stupid question but how do i use an anti-static wrist band ie where do i attatch the crockerdile clip and do i really need one-i ask this because i am going to attempt to put a hard drive into a laptop -fingers crossed.


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I suggest that you attach it to a radiator perhaps.
The band goes on your wrist, the metal button next to your pulse point usually. The clip is connected to an earth. I find the case a useful earth point.

If careful you can get away without using one, but anyone who asks about them is probably wise to use them. It certainly reduces the chance of zapping the electronics with static and thus shortening the working life of the installed item.
You can generate a lot of static walking about on synthetic carpets these days so it might be a good idea to use a well-earthed wrist band.
It certainly won't do any harm and can only be beneficial.
I ve never used one in years of mucking around on comps.

Just touch something metal like a tap or a pipe to discharge the static
if youre worried.

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