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New Laptop Teething Problems

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nailit | 16:03 Thu 29th May 2014 | Technology
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Hope someone can help me iron out a few problems.

Have just purchased a second hand laptop from my local market and bought a "3" dongle to access the internet. Havnt had my own computer for a few years and am a bit rusty with technology.
1) the @ sign and the " symbol are in opposite places..(") is above the (2) and (@) is above (') if that makes sense. had this problem some years ago with another computer but cant remember why or how I solved it.

2)have been on lappy for a few hours now and have twice had to unplug dongle and put back in to restart internet as it was saying couldnt access it just poor signal or fault on lappy?

3) occasionally page seems to move up and down when im navigating curser around page tho I havnt clicked on the up and down "lift" on right side of the page.

any help appreciated, thanks.


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thanks TTG, will try that.
My parents have a "3" dongle for occasional internet access. Their best signal is upstairs with the laptop on desk and the cable (dongle end) hanging in the window bay. They are in a poor signal area.
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Thanks guys, all very helpful.

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New Laptop Teething Problems

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