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Creating Android Phone Contacts.

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flobadob | 21:32 Mon 23rd Jun 2014 | Technology
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Is it possible to create phone contacts for Android phones(think they are called vcf's) and send them to your phone to be saved rather than having to manually insert each one into the phone.

I lost all my contacts recently but luckily I had backed my sim card up online on the 02 website. However, I cannot resend these contacts to my phone, I can only view them online.

If there was a way to copy and paste each name and number(there are 250 of them) and create and Android contact it would save a lot of time rather than having to input each contact into the phone manually.

Is this possible?


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It's not entirely clear from your post exactly what form your contacts are currently stored in. If they're already in vCard Format, this might help:
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Thanks Buen, think I found a site here which might do the trick. Fingers crossed anyway.
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It took around 3 hours for 200 contacts but it worked.

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Creating Android Phone Contacts.

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