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Setting Up Android Phone To Read And Send E-Mail

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v64paul | 15:38 Sat 28th Jun 2014 | Technology
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As above,i follow the instructions on my phone entering details as required. I'm offered a choice of account, pop3 imap or exchange active sync . Whichever i choose i get a message saying " cannot connect to server" Clearly i'm at fault so can someone please enlighten me ? The e-mail address is not with the phone network provider but i've had it for years so to change it now wouldbe a pain. It's an EE provided account whch traces back to freeserve through a few changes, My phones network provider is three.


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That suggests that the system your phone is using hasn't got the settings for Freeserve email addresses in its database. So you'll need to use the option to enter the details manually. You can find them here:
If you have an Android phone it is far easier to use a Gmail email account.

Set up a GMail account and gradually move all your users off your old account to the new one.
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thank you both, maybe g-mail is the future , and try and set up some way of diverting from the old address to the new.

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Setting Up Android Phone To Read And Send E-Mail

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