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Pc Gaming Cases. How Do They Work?

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flobadob | 12:19 Sun 30th Nov 2014 | Technology
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Can anyone tell me how this works. Does it fit around a tower pc or do you have to take the innards out of the PC that you have and put it into this case?


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Surely that would be a case for building a high spec PC (for gaming purposes) in.
Just to add, the latter were you to consider it worth it.
O_G is right, you fit the case with motherboard, processor, graphics cards, RAM, sound cards, power supply etc. You could just transfer from an existing PC to the new case.
You could transfer your old insides but what would be the point?
Sometimes pre-built PCs come in horrible and badly ventilated cases.
Or you could need a new case after breaking the original by dropping it, as I did when putting it down after a clean out.
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Thanks, think I'll leave well alone.

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Pc Gaming Cases. How Do They Work?

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