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Book Antiqua Font Disappeared From Word.

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Sellergarth | 21:23 Wed 21st Jan 2015 | Technology
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I`ve been using Word to create documents for as long as I can remember and always used the Book Antiqua Font, but last week for some reason it didn`t appear in the Fonts list. As far as I`m aware I did nothing out of the ordinary. Anyone any ideas why and how to get it back? Thanks in advance.


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Hi Sellargarth,
sorry - no idea why it's disappeared, but if you keep the new document open and then open a document in which you have used the Book Antiqua font, highlight some of the text on the old document and use the paintbrush symbol at the top left, then highlight the text on the new document and it should be able to format paint the Antiqua font into your new document.
(hope this makes sense)
Have you tried printing from Microsoft Word recently? The reason I ask is that Microsoft Word looks for a printer driver that can output Book Antiqua; if it can't find one it won't show Book Antiqua among the available fonts.

So perhaps reinstalling your printer driver might help?
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Hey Peaspeculiars that worked! Thank you for such a prompt reply, it`s really appreciated. Brilliant!
Glad to help ;-)
Question Author
Thanks Buenchico, just seen your reply. Yes I`ve printed out quite a few documents recently but with Times New Roman. Will reinstall printer drivers as suggested. Thanks again for the advice.
Could I please ask what is the difference between Times New Roman and Book Antiqua?

Because I have just typed the same words in both fonts and can see very little difference.
There's very little difference, AOG, but Palatino is even closer to to Book Antiqua (simply because Microsoft designed Book Antiqua as a copy of Palatino, to get round some licensing issues).
Thank you for that explanation Buenchico, just couldn't see why the OP was bothered about Book Antiqua Font, when he could have used Times New Roman?

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Book Antiqua Font Disappeared From Word.

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