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Linking Device To A Router With Ethernet Cabling Problems

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Barmaid | 15:06 Thu 26th Feb 2015 | Technology
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We have CCTV which is viewable on a standalone DVR player. The problem is that it can only be viewed from the DVR player in one particular room. I want a quick fix so that I can view it from other rooms (ie on my laptop).

Apparently, I have to stick an ethernet cable in the back and then connect it to the router. The problem I have with this is that the DVR is upstairs and cannot be moved and the Router is downstairs and cannot be moved. Consequently, I am going to need the longest ethernet in the world - not to mention a whole load of drilling through walls.

Any ideas as to how I can connect the DVR to the router? There is a working phone socket in the room with the DVR so I can use that if necessary. But I assume it is not just a case of plugging it in and presumably I need some other kit.

I do have a spare Belkin router kicking around somewhere - can I used two routers in the same property or is that going to cause a problem? Any ideas, please?


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If you need to extend an Ethernet connection from one room to other rooms around the home, it is possible to utilise normal electrical power sockets by purchasing and plugging in a 'Home Plug' unit within each intended room and then connect each unit to an ethernet capable device such as a Router / DVR. For example see: User Recommendation
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Thanks both.

I was hoping I might be able to do something with the old router without my needing to go to the shops! I have a fox problem and I need to be able to monitor my chickens (without sitting in the garden all night).
If the spare router is capable, you could set it up as a wireless bridge. Have a read here

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Linking Device To A Router With Ethernet Cabling Problems

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