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Spate Of Junk Emails

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MichaelZZ | 22:21 Sun 29th Mar 2015 | Technology
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Today I have received 10 emails on various "junk" subjects all purporting to come from well known companies (Gala Bingo, Optical Express, Sanderson Fabrics) but all with the email address .
I have not opened any of these but have read them in my preview and they appear to say that I have opted-in to receiving such emails.
I have, on Buenchico's recommendation, been using gmx for my emails and this is the first time I have had these annoying messages.
I don't think I have got any viruses or PUPs but I'm goin to run Malwarebytes just in case.
Can anyone please tell me how I can stop these irritating message?


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Have you by any chance reserved or bought anything from Argos recently? I ask because if you input your email address or mobile number for deliveries or reservations on their website it opts you into third party sharing. If so, you need to go into your Argos profile and opt out.
If they are from reputable companies just follow the link to unsubscribe, if they are suspicious your computer protection should advise you not to proceed. If that happens mark as junk, I find that seems to stop them.
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As I posted a few days ago, I am also being inundated with spam. I am getting maybe 50-100 a day !

Some of them are going into my spam folder but at least a third are going into my inbox. As soon as I see them, I define them as spam, but they still keep coming, so I am beginning to think that the spam facility isn't working properly.

I mail provider is BT Yahoo, so I am going to have a ferret around today, to see if anybody else is suffering. This has been going on for about 2 weeks.
I am getting worried. For the past week I have been getting spam 5 times a day inviting me to plan my funeral. Do they know something I don't?
Jack...I am getting the same email !

But I have just checked and I am still alive !
If you've read them in preview, then to all intents and purposes you have opened them. If you don't want to open suspicious e-mails then you should turn off the preview option. There isn't an easy way to stop getting them, but one way to guarantee that you will get more is to click the Unsubscribe option in the e-mail (if there is one).
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Spate Of Junk Emails

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