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Control Your Google Privacy And Security.

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anotheoldgit | 11:08 Wed 03rd Jun 2015 | Technology
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When opening up the Google search tab, have you noticed the window with the words

/// Google gives you the tools to control your privacy and security. ///

And if so has anyone bothered to visit their account so as to carry out the tasks outlined in this Express report?


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>>>has anyone bothered to visit their account

A large number of people here (including myself) would never even consider any web activity that involved having a Google account in the first place!
In addition to Buenchico's reply. I would strongly recommend that people look at the terms and conditions they agree to when using Google services. They are quite short but they give access to use your data/content/images pretty much in any way they choose. Those rights continue even after you close your account.
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Doesn't one set up such an account when setting up a new smart phone?
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>>>Doesn't one set up such an account when setting up a new smart phone?

Although my phone allows internet access (both by 3G and wi-fi) it's not truly 'smart' (in that it doesn't have access to lots of apps). I use my Android tablet without any need whatsoever to have a Google account.
Google stuff came with my Samsung as standard and non-uninstallable (unless one roots the phone maybe). Pretty much anything you want to do with such a "smart" phone involves Google. It's rather annoying. I'm sure much of it is unnecessary and uses resource. Plus, unless you wish to risk unapproved apps, then the Play Store is your source of apps for the phone.
why should it bother anyone that has a google account like i have they cant do much with it anyway apart from flog you stuff via adverts i dont care if they know my address mobe number sex age etc
I think one should always be against companies or individuals that basically are demanding you give them personal information they have no justification demanding simply so one can join everyone else in the modern world. One has a moral duty to discourage it.
I never Log into Google and still use it -I don't want them knowing which pages I'm looking at or what holiday I'm going on. You can use the Google search engine without logging in.

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Control Your Google Privacy And Security.

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