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Can Android Phones.

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islasmum | 23:23 Sun 07th Jun 2015 | Technology
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Can Android phones get viruses? I have a Samsung galaxy SMG360, and almost every site I've been on today is getting a warning about the licence not being safe. I also don't seem to be receiving emails either.
Thanks for any help


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Got that on my Samsung Galaxy about Streetlife
Eventually went away
Question Author
I get the warning occasionally, but not virtually every site I've visited today.
Smart phones are computers so yes, if someone writes a virus for that operating system your phone might catch it.

Try the Play Store, there are free AV apps for the phone there.

I get issues re certification on this site, strangely enough.
You do have your date/time set on the phone correctly do you ? For PCs that is often the cause of consternation so it may well be for smart phones too, possibly.
A friend of mine couldn't receive his emails on his smart phone, until I looked and corrected both the date and time settings. Problem sorted.
Try by choosing Flight mode when you boot up.
Avast has a free antivirus for android phones I have it on my phone they also have one for IPhones as well

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Can Android Phones.

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