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Insecure Google Search Help Please

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Retrochic | 11:53 Fri 23rd Oct 2015 | Technology
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I use chrome as my browser.
My homepage is set to Google UK.
I am using Adblocker
Today my Google homepage has set itself to and just looks strange -no buttons underneath the 'Google box' and no web address in the box at the top of the page and the tab states 'New Tab'
When I click 'view page info" it states 'local-ntp your connection to this site is not private'
When I go to edit my homepage it is showing the homepage as but it obviously is not anymore.
when I manually go to a google uk search and click on view page it states 'your connection to this site is private'
I have tried unsuccessfully to change my home page back to Google uk and rebooted-has my PC been compromised and what can I do?


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If you cant remove it via changing browser settings and your homepage keeps changing back to then it may be a virus

Malwarebytes anti-virus removal package is a good option to try to remove it initially, which if you do not already have it installed you can obtain the free version at: Make sure you select the option to install the free version only.
Question Author
Malwarebytes search result -no malware.

On starting chrome the homepage now comes up as (reset browser settings)

when requiring a new tab, clicking the 'home' icon results in google uk tab appearing, but clicking the 'new tab' button (next to the existing tabs on the RHS) results in the 'insecure' google site appearing

I have now tried everything in my limited knowledge including checking Tab settings in both the Internet properties and the Chrome advanced settings.

I can of course access the Google uk secure site by using exclusively the 'home' button, but am concerned that my PC can access this insecure google site.
Go to:

Note the "https"

Once there, you should see a padlock next to the URL in the address bar.

Click the padlock. Then click the "Connection" tab on the popup that appears.

The text you then read should begin "The identity of this website has been verified by Google Internet Authority G2." If so, you're on Google.

I suggest you change to using the https version of Google all the time.
There is some info at the following location on how to go about removing a similar type of condition that you are experiencing to do with a page constantly appearing in the browser.

May be worth checking out those instructions on how to remove and apply the same to your chrome browser see:
Question Author
ellipsis Thanky . The google uk website is perfectly ok with all the verifications ans is set as my homepage. When I click the 'new tab' (next to the existing tabs on the RHS) I get the 'insecure' google site which has no padlock icon and the connection advice states'the identity of this website has not been verified' -with an orange exclamation mark
Question Author
sorted thankyou using 'New Tab Redirect' app.
It doesn't say it's "insecure" it says it's "not secure" - ie it's not using HTTPS, and the reason for that is that it doesn't need to, because its local to your machine (in fact local to your Chrome session). It's perfectly safe, and standard for the New Tab page.
Question Author
Thanks for clarify that TheChair. However, by using the new app I have now got rid of the annoying 'recently viewed' tabs which you can now no longer disable manually.

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Insecure Google Search Help Please

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