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Problems With Vga Lead And Hdmi Lead .......

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Gizmonster | 21:15 Sun 15th Nov 2015 | Technology
3 Answers
Okay, here's the deal;

Problem 1:

I've recently installed a home CCTV system and connected the DVR to a laptop monitor, using a VGA lead (15 pin) - no problem :)
Tried connecting it to my Panasonic TV, by plugging it into the PC input on the TV - no problem :)
Tried connecting it to my Samsung TV, by plugging it into the PC input on the TV- nothing.
I clicked through the source list and PC is greyed out - it's as if it's not connected as it's not registering it .... and yea I tried messing with the connections.
Well, a friend suggested trying another lead ..... why this would work is beyond me, as the lead is obviously fine, as it worked when connected to the monitor and Panasonic TV .... but What The Funicular - it worked .... what gives ?? Why would the lead that worked on the other 2, not work on the Samsung ??
Any ideas ??

Problem 2:

Tried connecting the DVR to the Panasonic TV using a HDMI lead - nothing ... it doesn't register it.
Tried connecting it to the Samsung TV and I get the error, "mode not supported". A quick google suggested that the output resolution of the DVR was too high for the TV, so I set the resolution on the DVR to the minimum - no joy, still the same error.

Can anyone throw any light on any of these issues please ??


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Hmm Giz compatibility issues will drive you mad this site may help.
This may be worth a look for your DVR to TV connection.
The first conundrum comes down to maybe strange impedance values between different manufacturers and differences in year builds or other random factors, maybe. I spent 20 yrs in electronics and the number of times a group of us stood scratching our heads at just such scenarios couldn't be counted. LOL I will watch the posts and see if anyone can tell us definitely though.
Question Author
Thanks for the replies :)

I'm still no wiser - just been to the PC shop and explained it all to them and they couldn't explain it either.
I've just bought another lead and everything works okay .... I just wish I knew why the "dodgy" lead worked with the PC monitor and the Panasonic TV; but not the Samsung TV ..... VERY strange ........

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Problems With Vga Lead And Hdmi Lead .......

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