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Tv Sound Bar Set-Up

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Prudie | 18:17 Fri 29th Jan 2016 | Technology
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We have installed an LG sound bar to our LG TV. The sound quality is quite improved but it's not quite synched with lip movements which is irritating. Any thoughts on why? set-up is:
Sky HDMI cable directly into sound bar
Sound bar into TV via HDMI arc input


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I certainly am not an expert, but I would thought HDMI cable from Skybox to TV and then HDMI cable from TV to Soundbar.
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That's what we did first but that just made the sound come out of the TV as it always had, the sound bar wasn't working at all.
I use the optical cable if your TV / bar has that option
I had a similar problem with my sound bar/base lip sync issues.

Resolved this by turning off my TV internal speakers via the TV setup menu.
My cabling was HDMI from Cable Box (Virgin Media) to TV only and then Optical Digital Cable from Sound Bar/Base to TV only.

Happy days after this.
My Yamaha soundbar was supplied with an optical cable, which is the preferred way of connection. It also has lots of useful of which is an "audio delay" key on the remote, which (yes, you guessed) adjusts the sync between sound and vision. Perhaps your LG has similar?
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The 'expert' in PC World said HDMI arc was the best way to go and gave much better quality sound...
There you go, Yamaha instruction manual says that the optical connection should be used whenever possible ie if the TV also has an optical connection.
My soundbar is connected from TV with an optical cable as well.
If I had known it was you asking, I would have visited this thread much earlier ...and been totally unhelpful.
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Well Blox, I've been waiting for you, I thought you must have one of these and would help, willingly...

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Tv Sound Bar Set-Up

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