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Illegal Copy Of Windows 7

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annieigma | 23:47 Mon 15th Feb 2016 | Technology
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I keep getting pop up windows saying my copy of windows seven is not genuine. It is, i have the sticker on the machine. can i get rid of this annoying thing, and why has microsoft decided to target legal users?


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Having the sticker doesn't actually prove that Windows 7 is genuine. The number on that sticker could have been used to register Windows 7 on a different machine and then the sticker put onto yours.

However, I'll assume that it is genuine. Microsoft's own solution isn't really one for the feint-hearted:
but the following might also work (and it's a great deal easier!):

Click the Start button.
Enter 'cmd' into the search box (without the quote marks).
You'll see 'cmd' listed under 'Programs'.
Right-click on it.
Click on 'Run as Administrator'
If you're asked for permission to proceed, grant it.
The window that opens will already have a line with 'C:\WINDOWS\system32>' in it.
Add 'SLMGR -REARM' to that line. (Don't include the quote marks. Don't precede that bit with a space. Do note the space in the middle of it though).
Press 'Enter'
You'll be asked to confirm your action.
Click on 'OK'.
Restart your PC and cross your fingers.

That will probably work. If not, try again, replacing 'SLMGR -REARM' with 'SLMGR /REARM' (again, note the space in the middle of that).

Good luck!
Jackdaw it will end up solving the problem or not
I used to have that issue and finally got a refund from the seller.
MS are awful, they let you use an operating system for months and then suddenly decide that it is illegal. Must be keen on hitting the honest guy and letting the rogue get away to flog more dodgy software/licences.
>>Must be keen on hitting the honest guy and letting the rogue get away to flog more dodgy software/licences.

How do Microsoft know who is the honest guy?

As Buenchico says, it could be the dodgy guy registers Windows first using a genuine code.

Then sells the copy of Windows to someone else, and when the second person comes to register the product THEY are seen as the dodgy guy as they are the second person to register the same product code.

It always amazes me how people think things are so simple when they are not, lets blame Microsoft as they are any easy target.

Considering there are hundreds of millions of copies of Windows out there can you imagine how difficult it is keeping track of all the different versions and product codes and genuine copies.

People sit behind their computer screen and think everything is so easy to sort out, when they have probably never even worked in the computer industry.
It's the delay. That's all one needs to consider to know it allows time for a dodgy trader time to get away and leave an unsuspecting purchaser with problems. They could state there is an issue immediately upon registration but they don't. Which makes MS a bad guy.
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buenchico, you have solved it again, and thanks everyone else.

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Illegal Copy Of Windows 7

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