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Battery Operated Wildlife Cameras

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rebelboy | 19:12 Mon 06th Feb 2017 | Technology
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Are they any good? Would like to capture some footage of foxes and badgers in a wood I have access to. Seen some on eBay for around £70 which is not too bad if they will do the job. Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi, Rebelboy.......I bought two Maginon Wildlife cameras quite some time ago......they were from Aldi and I think I paid around £70 for each......certainly less than £90.

My daughter uses hers in the garden for wildlife and is delighted with it......but then she has lots of night creatures visiting...

I don't get much wildlife in this garden unfortunately but I have it on when I'm away from home......and usually for a few hours when I get home before I remember and have to delete pictures of me on the patio.......;-)

We're both really pleased with them.....the pictures are clear and I'd pick out an intruder in a line up.......☺
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Thanks for that my friend. That sounds very promising.
The main point is not the model of camera but how skilled and knowledgeable the operator is in deciding where and how to site it.
Foxes are known for being cautious and shy of unexpected items.
You probably will have several failures and disappointments before you get good results. Wildlife photographers spend years developing their skill and technique before getting the sort of results you see on TV.
I have got this one and am very pleased with it. User Recommendation
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I'd know where to site it as I've been feeding them for 10 months now but I take your point Eddie51 about trial and error.

I looked at this on Amazon woofgang. Has some great reviews but also some terrible ones where it's packed up working within a few days.
Decisions, decisions.
Its why i like buying stuff through Amazon. Their returns process is brilliant.

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Battery Operated Wildlife Cameras

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