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New Pink motorola V3

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Betty Boop x | 15:01 Mon 31st Oct 2005 | Technology
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I really want this phone but have only just taken out a 12 month contract on O2 and got the samsung D500, however if i had been less impatient about getting a new phone i could have got the very same contract on O2 AND got this pink phone for FREE.

I'm getted and want this phone so much, i have wanted a pink phone for ages and as it is limited edition i need to get it soon.

Can i sawp my current contract to someone else's name so they take on the payments and the contract is in there name then i take out a new one? or do I PERSONALLY have to make the payments till 12 months?

Would O2 let me cancel my contract as long as i started it up again or is this just not possible?

I know this is all a little drastic just for a phone but I WANT it so much!!!

N e advice? N e way of getting the phone for free without having to pay for two contracts????

N e thoughts would be appreaciated.





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When you say 'only just' you have a two week cancellation period. If it is within the 2 week period, then you can cancel the order.

If it is after two weeks, then you will normally have to stick to the contract. O2 at their discretion may allow somoene else to take over the contract.

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'Only just' may have been a little exaggeration. Thinking about it,it has in fact been 2 months since i got my new contract, although it doesnt feel that long which is why i put 'only just'! I'm gutted it's only a 2 week cancellation period but it's hardly going to be 2 months!

I'm just incredibly frustrated because i was looking for a pink phone for ages, my old contract ended then for about 8 months I kept going on phone websites to try and find if a pink phone was coming out then i went to phones 4 u and explained i wanted a pink phone and they said there were no pink phones coming out so i just bought the D500. I do like the phone it's just s*ds law that my absolute IDEAL phone comes out 2 months later, not only that but i could have got the same contract i'm on AND got the phone for free.

I'm gutted and angry which is why i am rambling on about a phone!!

U say that O2 may let me transfer my contract to someone else, so now the hard part is finding that someone else!!


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New Pink motorola V3

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