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Best Cordless Telephone For The Hard Of Hearing

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Galaxy1965 | 19:42 Mon 09th Apr 2018 | Technology
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I am looking for advice on the best cordless telephone for the hard of hearing for a relative, they have hearing aids but still have trouble on the telephone, are there any cordless telephones where you can switch up the volume when she is listening to some one talking to her on the telephone. Thanks in advance.


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When looking for a telephone, she should look for one that states that it is "hearing-aid compatible".....trying to use one that isn't specifically designed for users with hearig-aids will be pointless.
From Action on Hearing Loss (which is the name now used by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People):
(They all have the 'volume boost button' that you've referred to in your post. Use the filters down the left to help with selection) may find this useful...
My hubby finds our new ones with hands free or speaker phone on them are fine. Loads of phones have that on them now.
You'll need to know if she wants to use the phone with hearing-aids in, or doesn't mind taking one out to use the phone. If the former- my suggestion, if the latter- Buenchico's suggestion.
Hi Galaxy - if your relative is registered as being deaf (I know they have hearing aids - but were they NHS or private)

If registered - you can contact your local ActiononHearingLoss and they maybe can lend you a few for your relative to try before he/she buys.

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Best Cordless Telephone For The Hard Of Hearing

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