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ip address

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tommy39 | 21:29 Tue 01st Nov 2005 | Technology
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i have networked 2 computers but keep loseing connectivity, how do i give 1 or both computers a static ip address.


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Well it would help if you specified an OS - Windows 95/98/2000/XP? Mac OS? Linux?

Here's how to do it in XP
Right-click My Network Places and choose properties

Locate your network cars in the list, right-click and choose properties.

Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and clisk the Properties button.

Check the option "Use the following address"
Fill in the IP address and subnet mask.

The address is not particularly important, but if you have only two machines you might use for one and change the last number to .2 for the other.

Set the subnet mask to

Ok everything in sight and restart the machines

The bulk of the answer by rojash is substantially correct, however the subnet mask needs to be

A minor point is that by convention a private LAN IP address should be in one of these three styles;
192.168.???.??? or 172.16.???.??? or 10.???.???.???

Perhaps I should also mention that Windows Automatic IP Addressing uses 169.254.???.??? with a subnet mask of but please feel free to ignore this extra info.
I know this may be nothign to do with it but it may help if we know what hardware you have on the network e.g. Router, Hub, it can cause problems that way
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thank's guys all sorted now ,with your help. many many


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