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Internet Connection. I'm Ok But My Wife Cannot Access Internet Despite Her Laptop Saying She's Connected.

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rebelboy | 22:50 Tue 24th Jul 2018 | Technology
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Both using same router. Did the usual checks but hers has stopped working. Any ideas please?


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Turn off her laptop (right off - not just 'sleep') and turn off the router. Make a cup of tea and then turn the router back on.

Once it's up and running (and your laptop is working), turn her laptop back on.
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I'm Windows 10 the wife is still probably on W7.
Question Author
Did try switching off the router and having a cup of tea, Dave. No success there but the wife did not switch off her computer first so will try your suggestion in the morning. The poor love is dozing on the sofa at the mo!!
Resetting the TCP/IP stack usually fixes the problem:

Right-click on the task bar at the foot of your screen

Select 'Start Task Manager'

Click on 'File' at the top left

Select 'Run new task'

Put a tick in the box labelled 'Create this task with administrator privileges'

Type 'cmd' in the box

Click 'OK'

When a new window (with a black backfround appears) type the following text into it:
netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt

Hit 'Enter'

You'll be told that it's necessary to restart Windows for the change to take effect. Allow it to happen.

Try connecting to the router again.
Question Author
Thanks for that Buenchico. She got it sorted in the end without knowing how she did it. A diagnostic test I think.
I was also facing the same issue from a long time. Then, I found this article on the Internet - connected no internet. Just follow the steps carefully and you'll end up solving the issue easily.
Hi. I really hope you had this problem solved. In case if anyone else has it, you can try the below:

- Scan for viruses;
- Restart the router;
- Restart the network card;
- Point the router's antennas in different directions
- Bring your computer closer to the router


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Internet Connection. I'm Ok But My Wife Cannot Access Internet Despite Her Laptop Saying She's Connected.

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